A recap of the Aave ecosystem, July 19th to July 25th 2021

Aave News: Updates Abound - Paris, AMPL, PAX, and Liquidity Mining

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Aave Grants DAO Update 🏗

This Thursday. The next AGD Community Call will be hosted on Twitter Spaces at 4pm UTC, July 29th. Hopefully you can drop in! We have an awesome agenda lined up including updates on high priority unanswered RFPs from @AaveGrants, the liquidity mining program from @ParaFiCapital, $AMPL being added to Aave v2 from @AmpleforthOrg, and four AGD recipients - @DeFiAlliance, @SymphonyFinance, @FlipsideCrypto, and @Boardroom_info.

State of the protocol 📰

New standard. At EthCC, @lemiscate unveiled the Aave cross-chain governance bridge. This will enable Aave governance on Ethereum to control the markets on Polygon and other networks as they launch. The code could become the standard for cross-chain governance that other protocols fork and adopt.


More metrics. Check out:

Ecosystem 🧉

DeFi Alliance heating up. The @DeFiAlliance officially welcomed @0xPolygon and AGD to their Ecosystem Partnership Program. Startups focused on building in the Aave ecosystem will receive support including at least two projects that are AGD recipients. Any interested teams can apply for the next cohort before August 11th.


Good Ghosting. If you were one of the 300 people who jumped into the @goodghosting saving pool in honour of EthCC, be sure to make your next deposit this week! The pool is now full so if you missed this one look out for new pools soon.

Aave Memes. Every week there is a new theme and fresh pool of $850 awarded to the top three memes. Follow @AAVEMemes to be the first to know the theme and to see the winners each week.

Governance ⚖️